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Steffis top 10
1. Billie Joe Armstrong *drooolz* gorgeousnesss of the xtreeeme NOOOO Jossi- well, I think he is a pretentious git, who needs a serious reallity check, He does not look hot, he is a 30+ yr old who needs braces and a toothbrusg, his eyes are squint! His nose is all BLEEEEH and it's like He dresses like a 12 year old kid, It doesn't matter if u r the height and weight of one he is OLD!.....8/10-jossi.... Steffi- shuttup Jossi he was well fit when he was younger and his hair was pretty and he looked punky and he has pretty eyes and his nose is PRETTTY his teeth are only wierd bcoz he is a junkie and braces are minkin.Jossi- Braces are short term, and remove squint, 2. he was fat when he was younger, 3. He had REALLY badly done bleaching and greenday are NOTHING like punk and never will be, they are style icons. Steffi- saying that, so are blink 182 and the entire band is hotttttttt! However, the sexiest man on the planet is now officially the guy in the new levi 501 advert <3 <3!!!! With the indie/emo hair and the jeans and the converse and the GUITARRRR!! yay! easily HOTTER THAN BILLIE JOE. MUCH MUCH MUUUUUUCH HOTTER!!!!!!!!!

2. Bassist from Good Charlotte- jossi-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWT SHTUFFFFF omgomgomg He is shooo nicee =) I like him, but I dont luf him, I luf someone else =)=) "When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained But darlin' when I hold you Don't you know I feel the same" 10/10 :) Hawtneszz

steffi- PRETTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYY he wears weird make up sumtimes tho. His hair is emo-ish so thats kool 9/10

3. The guy in Lostprophets with emo hair (bassist)- jossi- He is reelez hott, I finka so, but he's kinda hairy :/ 7/10

steffi-His hair is soooooooo kool (steffi <3 Emo hair) but he should shave sometime (www.gillette.com) lolz he is pretttty 10/10

4. Pete Docherty- jossi- STUNNNINGNESSSSSSSSSESESESESESS =) Gawwwd he is effink gott the shit man, give me some of this one.....>.> on the side. 10/10 hellyeah! (get sweaty and kiss im go on!)

steffi- ..... kk he's pretty hot but a bit on the gareth gates side....*imagens gareth gates with emo hair* hmmm... might look something like this (gareth emo hair) .....yeah, but hunni petes not an emo babe, just a ......erm......guy. -jossi

5. Ashton Kutcher <3 even if he always shouts- jossi-He is thee crap but, i nunooo he goin kinda....strange...o.0 ..meh he is supa-hawt, 8/10 <3

steffi- Yeah he is strange but he's hotttt in The Butterfly Effect <3

6. Lead singer in Kaiser Cheifs- jossi- Not esactly hott, amazink, not rele hott, well.... Kinda hott, ....hmmm......hottness..........."OOOOH YUM!"PMPL bella lee, mums got chocolate fudge cake!!!! ko, 7/10

steffi- yer hez ok

7. Mark in Blink 182- jossi- Euww, he is the shit in I miss u, spesh with, HE JUST IS , I think tom is rather hawt too, and travis, nice. Don't mind em' in whats my age again vid too ;-) 8/10 x

steffi- omg i was just saying that because he has the wee spiky bits in his hair and i dunno i like suits <3

8. Tom in Blink 182- jossi- O0o0o tooom, I like the peircing thing, awww and he reminds me of the guy in GC , ah welll 9/10

steffi-his nose is red (but thats just probably because he's stoned alot) lolz he has emo hair *HOOORAY FOR EMO HAIR!!!!!!!!!*

9. Travis from Blink 182 (gawd aint that band just PACKED with cute peeeeeeepz)- jossi- LOl u cud have wrote blink lolz, awww i like litto traviz. Effin good drummer, even Lee says he's amazin and is wastin his time on a crappy ittl band like blink, well their dead now *sniff* Well, until they're kids go to college.

steffi- i like his mohican <3 anywho, he has koool tatoos and i'd luvv to b abble to drum like him!!! <3

10. Rik Waller PMPL LOLZ KO!!!! - jossi- KO KIDDIN ON!?! i Think rix the bomb mAn, gaawd he's a hottieeeeee, 0/10

steffi- he looks like that guy in the beer advert that goes ice skating naked and get his tounge stuck....only fatter


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